A corporate hamper is an excellent way to demonstrate to your employees that you care about their well-being. It can also be a fun way to commemorate occasions or express gratitude to employees. When you provide a present to your workers or clients, they typically feel more cared for and connected to the organisation. When selecting a hamper, consider what your staff wants to receive, what message you want to deliver, and what your company’s values are.

Sending a hamper allows your staff to initiate conversations that can lead to excellent connections in the office. Whether you’re looking for something specific or want to surprise your colleagues with something out of the ordinary, a hamper is a great choice for your employee.

The gift choice always carries a special meaning, as it presents your aspirations and relations to the person. It is not always easy to make the correct decision when looking for an interesting present for a colleague. That is why hampers that combine a few surprises are the perfect answer. Similarly, hampers are the most suitable for a person whose interests you don’t know very well. .

Before buying a hamper, consider the following:

  • Age and gender

There is a certain fallacy that you can be less picky when preparing a gift for one gender over another. Remember, a guy is just as keen as a girl on a company gift. For example, a woman may not be delighted with a set of kitchen utensils, and a man spending a vacation in warm countries will not appreciate a hiking kit. Moreover, you should pay attention to the age of the person and try to foresee their interests.. Find a gift hamper for men to tantalise his taste buds, nourish his skin, or help him relax with award-winning wine. Beautifully presented hampers can be filled with the most delicious treats, craft beer, wine and spirits that the employee will savour with every drop.

  • Profession

A valuable gift set should take into consideration the employment of people, and can be a good incentive for a successful deal. Take into account your employee’s professional activity and remember to include your brand too when putting together the hamper.

  • Skills and Hobbies

Before you proceed on choosing the type of hamper you require, pay attention to the skills of the people for whom it is intended. For example, if your colleague is a golf fan, you can include tees, golf towels or golf balls; for athletes who are engaged in athletics, a good option would be a fitness tracker and shaker.

  • Budget

The amount of money you want to spend on hampers is an important consideration. Your business will undoubtedly have a budget for the corporate gifts. You want to be certain that you do not go over budget. As a result, you must establish your budget for the hampers. You can begin with a total monetary amount and divide it by the number of colleagues – that will give you the price you’re willing to spend per hamper.

  • Branding

Corporate hampers can enable you to market your company. Your logo may be printed on notebooks, water bottles, t-shirts, and other goods. You’re marketing your brand while giving a gift by choosing a hamper. It’s a clever technique to achieve two objectives. Just make sure to give the supplier enough of a lead time to order your items. For example, if you are ordering Christmas Corporate Gifts, you should aim to place your order by the start of September at the latest. You should factor in a buffer to ensure you receive them in time.

Once you’ve determined the requirements for the corporate hampers, you may look for the best goods to include in the hamper. But first, here are some additional practical hints to aid you with hamper choosing.

  • Consider when you will distribute the hamper to participants. If you wish to give it before the start of the event, keep it light-weight and functional.
  • If you want to give something away at the end of an event, make it something they can do at home.
  • For multi-day or longer events, you can present gifts at both the beginning and finish. This keeps the thrill going and reinforces the desire to stick around until the conclusion.
  • Make an effort to provide gender-neutral presents.
  • If you are providing hampers for attendees to take home, ensure they are not difficult to transport.
  • Choose something portable for them. This is especially true when it comes to air travel.

Consider purchasing presents from local suppliers and choose Irish where possible. It may be an excellent opportunity to demonstrate support and collaborate with the local community.


How KC Services Hampers can help

At KC Services, we provide a wide range of gift and hamper solutions for our Corporate Clients. So our hampers are perfect for promoting your brand, creating competitions and giveaway opportunities. Perhaps you just want to say ‘Thank You’, our range of hampers and gift solutions are the perfect solution.

Our Client hamper creations have been seen on the Late Late Show, The Today Show, Morning AM,  The Six O’clock Show…to name just a few.

So, simply tell us your requirement , quantity and let’s chat through your budget to give you the most cost effective solution for your customer.

Our hampers and corporate gift solutions can also include delivery and distribution if required, we are focused on making it easy for you.


As a business, It is important to be able to make a positive impression on your employees. For this purpose, you should take some time to choose your hamper and consider your budget and team requirements. Moreover, it is necessary to learn the likes and hobbies of a colleague or friend. Be original and unique, show a creative approach. By following these simple steps you will certainly be able to choose a pleasant surprise.

Corporate hampers are an excellent way to express your appreciation and support for your staff. We all require a break from the mundane and new inspiration from time to time. That opportunity is provided by a corporate gift hamper. As a result, you should take advantage of this chance by expressing your thanks through presents.

Put some thought into the presents your colleagues will like and appreciate now that you have some ideas for the finest corporate hampers as your Christmas gift.


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