category management

Category Management

By creating effective marketing displays and creative merchandising , we can help you can drive sales of products and increase brand awareness across any retail or convenience outlets. So whether restaurants, shops , cafes or outlets, our teams have experience in creating displays that maximise sales and drive revenue. We do this by focusing on the fundamentals of category management.

So, by simply creating awareness and stimulating the desires of the customer, our teams can develop planograms and execute these. Our experience ensures you repeat and create consistency in embedding a ‘what good looks like’ approach.

We understand that category management is a strategic approach that organises your procurement resources to focus on specific areas of spend.

Working with the country’s leading retailers, food service suppliers and brands, we can ensure a consistent and effective category management program is rolled out across all sectors.

We focus on the following elements with you from the shop floor. So, these include:

– Understanding Consumer Demographics and behaviours

– Perfecting your product mix

– Optimising your space and merchandise effectively

The focus we help create will allow your category managers to channel their time and use market analysis. This will support their purchasing decisions to the benefit of the whole organisation.

Once the process is complete, we can go one step further. By installing the latest technology in digital labels, we can help you manage your procurement and stock levels. 

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