Warehousing & Distribution

We have provided a range of solutions from storage to merchandising and category management materials to clients across the country. Wherever your product is, we’ll take good care of it. Our logistics teams will handle your shipping, storage, and distribution. 

We can provide tailored storage solutions designed to meet your needs.

Our warehousing includes:

  • A secure facility to hold over 300 pallets with designated client allocation area, ensuring stock is kept together.

  • Office facilities with internet / WIFI access

  • System facilities aligned to reporting needs of our customers including Product coding and goods in / out reporting

  • Client security access to facilities at all times

  • Designated loading bay area

  • Internal and independent stock auditing to ensure true transparency for our clients

  • Insurance, Security & Fire protection

Packing & Picking

Order packing and picking is defined as the activity by which a small number of goods are extracted from a warehousing system, to satisfy a number of independent customer orders. Picking processes have become an important part of the supply chain process and our team have the experience in picking and packing your product range, ready for distribution. 

From importing and transporting, to storing, picking and packing, we ensure that your goods will be handled safely and securely. With more and more components coming from disparate locations, effective and efficient transportation and logistics, with built-in quality checks, are playing an even bigger role in the process. 

Our teams can pick up your items at the factory and handle them all the way through to installation.

Effective packing and picking practices mean less pull on your resources, your budget, and the environment.

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