Successful Events

In order to make events successful, there are some key aspects you need to lock down pretty much immediately.

Some of these are our top 5 steps to ensuring your event is successful from the start. 

Check out our guidelines to help make your project an event to remember. 

 1. Objectives?….Make a list of what good looks like from the start.

Answering some key questions from the start will help you map out what you’ll need to make your event a success. It seems quite obvious, but we’ve seen where events have been hosted without any clear objectives. It’s the usual How, Why, What, When, Where and Who…..

– Why are you having the event? ( what is the purpose of the event ? For example, a product launch, customer appreciation night, milestone celebration, conference,  PR opportunity, employee awards, charity fundraiser etc)

– What are you hoping will be the outcome of the event? (sales leads, networking, recognition, fundraising, brand awareness etc) 

– What would a successful event look like to you – after the fact? ( Events cost money, quantify the return on investment (ROI) 

– What is your budget? ( How much do you have to spend for the entire event?)

– When will the event be? (Dates checked against other potential event clashes, seasonal challenges etc ) 

– Where will be event be held? (Location, room size , vendor requirements, indoor or outdoor etc)

– How many people are you planning on inviting? ( Room capacity, VIP, General Public, Government officials, Media, celebrity)

– How are you going to invite them? (email, Social , Printed tickets etc) 

– Who do you need to help you make the event a success ? (Team, Vendors, Entertainment, Food & Beverage, AV, Graphic Designers, IT,  DJ, MC, Photographer and KC Services!….etc) 

– What could be the biggest challenges? (where do you see potential pitfalls of the event from attendance to cost and outcomes, then make your plan B for each of the scenarios)

– What could potentially go wrong? (Take a moment to think of the worst case scenario – and then make a plan to mitigate that, include things inside and outside your control.) 

2. Team? Next step is to identify your team – who are the people that you need (as above) to help you , these will become your event all stars. Choose wisely. 

3. Budget – Events can make or break the experience of your guests – remember the personal touches, vendors, locations all cost money. Identify your top 10 budget spends versus your objectives and allocate your budget accordingly.  There’s no point spending budget on high end food for a concert event, when people can’t hear to music because you scrimped on the AV budget! We’ve seen it dozens of times – rooms under dressed or personal touches missed because the budget went on the latest celebrity appearance  – Cut your cloth to balance your budget and become a champion negotiator with your vendors.

4. Planning and Preparation is the key – We’d love to tell you that every event has gone without a hitch, but we wouldn’t be telling you the truth. The skill is honestly to over prepare for every eventuality and then at least if the hitch comes, it’s a blip, rather than a disaster. 

Our advise is to be like a duck, calm on the exterior and paddle like crazy underneath.

5. Communicate – The best way to help your event be a success is to ensure you communicate to everyone. 

Let your vendors know your expectations and ensure they are aware of every aspect of the event that is relevant to them.

Communicate to your guests – no one wants any unpleasant surprises and guests like to know details, like what the event will include, what should they wear, who will be there – not just the time and place. 

Communicate with your team, they will be instrumental in the success of the implementation of the various aspects of the event – use them and give them the full picture so they understand what part they have to play in the success of the event.

By focusing on these aspects of an event, you can do your part in ensuring the event is successful and less stressful for you and your guests. 

Good Luck!

Still unsure where to start?

We have decades of experience in the area of events , chat to us today about how we can help become part of your event team and make your event an event to remember. 


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