KCS were delighted to get back into the swing of live events again and assist our friends in the construction industry by supplying their sponsors flower wall display as they celebrated International Women’s Day on the 9th March 2022 in Clontarf Castle.

The event hosted by the Construction Industry Federation is an annual event that celebrates Women in Construction and works to raise awareness on building equality in the industry. Each year the event has a theme and this year’s theme was #BreaktheBias with the event hashtag #CIF2022.

Our bespoke flower display included all the event’s sponsors in addition to supplied lighting with a flower surround. The display became a great photo opportunity to help the attendees to engage and post about the event. The event was attended by over 200 people. They succeeded in getting trending on Twitter for the event and our display was included in lots of the imagery of the day. We were proud to see our display used to help achieve this.

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KCS Floral Display at CIF Women's Day event


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